Actor Patrick Wilson and animal actor Jeff.  A Toy Poodle rescue dog.

Movie: A Kind of Murder

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Dozer, miniature Juliana pig

Faith, Old English Lab

Jeff on set.

Training for Television & Film

Training for Movies, Film and Print
Looking for the right animal to fill a role in a movie, a spot in a commercial, or in your print add?  I’m an experienced animal wrangler and work closely with the Cincinnati Film Commission.  If I don't currently have an animal that will work for you, I work with local rescue's to find and train an adoptable animal, such as dogs or cats.  After filming the dogs or cats are usually placed for adoption.  If you need a different species such as, horses, donkeys, pigs, goats, cows etc I have some incredible animals to choose from. 

Consultation fee 

Once contracted, my training fee’s may look like:

Daily training rate
leading up to the project: $30-60 an hour
Animal Fee: $200-$1000

Filming/shooting Rate
Daily: Please Ask
Hourly: Please Ask

Mileage fee 

$10 for every 20 miles outside of the city limits.  If contracted outside of Cincinnati I will require a mileage fee and to be provided an animal friendly hotel.  

Here is a list of projects I am involved in.  Just click the link.