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Domestic Animal Training

Dog Obedience Training
Provide all basic, puppy, and advanced obedience for your dog at home.  I am happy to customize any training program to meet your entire family’s needs.  I will happily work with anyone living in your household to help create a consistent atmosphere for you and your pup. If someone in your home has special needs I will also create a specialized program to ensure success for your pup. 

Whether you need assistance picking out the right dog for your family or if you want a well behaved, model citizen, we can accomplish all of your goals. 

I train by teaching your family how to successfully communicate and create or build the best relationship possible with your dog. I start by helping to establish all new behaviors and then create a regiment for you and your family to follow. 

Dog Behavioral Training
If your dog is experiencing behavioral issues such as biting people, aggression to other animals, inappropriate urination, destructive behaviors, frustration, or fear it is important to stop these behaviors as quickly as possible. Each behavioral situation is unique and will require a consultation/assessment prior to creating a training program for you and your pup.

Every dog is an individual and every family they live with is unique.  I understand that each dog may be on a different path for success.

In home Training cost
Obedience: $80 per session
Behavioral training: Consultation/evaluation $50

Training session

​Have a pup and pregnant?
If you are expecting and know you need to get your pup under control before your baby arrives I will create a plan specific to your needs. 

Train your dog too:

  • Introduce your baby to your dog appropriately
  • Not walk over a blanket on the floor
  • Not to place bottles, binki’s, and other items for the baby in his/her mouth
  • Not to jump up on baby while in your arms
  • Not to enter baby’s nursery
  • How to walk politely next to a stroller
  • How to not sit under the baby’s high chair waiting for the inevitable food to fall

 It is best to begin this training a few months prior to the baby’s arrival.  However, if you are struggling with the new baby at home I will happily start the training after the fact as well. 

Mobility Support Service Dogs
Whether you are retired military, injured, are a disabled adult or child I will match you with a dog and design and training program to fit your specific service needs. If you are wheel chair bound, using a walker,  need help getting up and down, carrying things, picking up items off the ground, stability while walking/standing, or need stair support, we will find the perfect dog for your needs. 

A full home, family, and medical necessity evaluation must be completed before we begin to match you with your dog.  Not all families will qualify for a dog.  We understand that each person will have unique needs and we are prepared to work with every person and their family individually. The process to find and train your match may be a long one, but your life will be forever changed to have a partner that will be there for you, night and day.  Once you qualify for a dog we will provide you an approximate wait time. 

We do charge a fee for your dog.  The fees will be discussed at your evaluation/ interview.  It will also be dependent on the specific training needs of your dog.  

If you qualify for a dog it may cost anywhere from $10-15,000.  We understand that this may be a large financial burden on you and will work with you to the best of our abilities. Our dogs do cost less than some of the national organizations, as they have large over head costs, large staff, and breed many of their own dogs.  We are a very small company that wants to serve the dog and the families to the best of our ability.  Once you are paired with a dog from us, we will continue to provide support for the life of your companion.  Once you have one of our dogs, you are family.